Nan Tang (汤南)

Dr. Nan Tang is a scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) at Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar. Prior to joining QCRI in Dec. 2011, He was a Research Fellow at LFCS (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science) at the University of Edinburgh (2010--2011). He was a scientific staff member with the CWI (Dutch National Research Center for Mathematics and Computer Science), Amsterdam (2008--2010). He got his PhD. degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007). He holds a visiting position at University of Waterloo, Canada (03/2007-08/2007).

  1. VLDB 2010: Best Paper Award


Tornado Tower, 18th Floor, QCRI

Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974 4454 2850

Fax: +974 4454 0630


Data cleaning

The following figure gives an overview of the projects I have worked on. Please click for more details. Also, you can find more resources (datasets, softwares) on this page.

Big Data Analytics

  1. Rheem: An agile distributed data processing system

Please refer to this page for more of my past research interests.



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