Nan Tang (汤南)

Dr. Nan Tang is a scientist at Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI) at Qatar Foundation, Doha, Qatar. Prior to joining QCRI in Dec. 2011, He was a Research Fellow at LFCS (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science) at the University of Edinburgh (2010--2011). He was a scientific staff member with the CWI (Dutch National Research Center for Mathematics and Computer Science), Amsterdam (2008--2010). He got his PhD. degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2007). He holds a visiting position at University of Waterloo, Canada (03/2007-08/2007).

  1. VLDB 2010: Best Paper Award


Tornado Tower, 18th Floor, QCRI

Doha, Qatar

Tel: +974 4454 2850

Fax: +974 4454 0630


  1. Projects handled as the PI, from the project/resource perspective:

  2. - NADEEF: a commodity data cleaning system.    

  3. Each time a new data cleaning problem arises or a new type of rule is considered, partitioners either build a new system or go through a painful process of customizing an existing tool. In NADEEF, all the data quality rules are sharing the same programming APIs and we provide a runtime execution engine to detect data violations. We also provide a graphical HTML5 user interface to help users navigate and understand their data in order to improve the rule quality.

  4. Publications

  5. NADEEF: A Commodity Data Cleaning System (SIGMOD 2013)

  6. NADEEF: A Generalized Data Cleaning System (VLDB demo 2013)

  7. NADEEF/ER: Generic and Interactive Entity Resolution (SIGMOD demo 2014)

  1. - Trusted data cleaning: (semi-)automated yet trusted data cleaning.

  2. KATARA: data cleaning by using trusted knowledge bases augmented with crowd sourcing for validation.

  3. Automated and trusted data annotation and repairing: fixing rules, Sherlock rules.

  4. Publications

  5. Towards Dependable Data Repairing with Fixing Rules (SIGMOD 2014)

  6. Proof Positive and Negative in Data Cleaning (ICDE 2015)

  1. Projects handled as the Co-PI:

  2. - Rheem: agile distributed data processing

  1. You can find more resources (datasets, softwares) on this page.

  2. Please refer to this page for more of my research interests.



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